“A” Different Kind Of Superpower

A Different Kind Of Superpower

“A” Different Kind Of Superpower

by James A Lyons and Bradley Riches

Summary: How would you feel if one day your parents came into your room and told you that you had a superpower? Excited? Definitely. Powerful? Maybe.

In a world filled with extraordinary people, it is common for people to possess unique abilities that set them apart from everybody else. You might know them as superpowers. At nine years-old, Bradley is told by his parents that he has been gifted a superpower. He doesn’t know what the power is, or why he has been chosen to own it. To help understand, his parents present him with a bucket filled with all the different superpowers it could be, telling him to live for a day with each so that he can experience every single one, knowing that his real power will soon be revealed.

When Bradley discovers his true self, will he understand the importance of the power that he has been gifted?

Based on true events by Bradley Riches (Heartstopper), and expanded by James A Lyons (The Paper Boy), “”A”” Different Kind of Superpower helps to teach children, and those around them, that being unique is something to celebrate.

Trigger Warnings:

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