Student Leadership Council

At the core of Wilco Iris is our Student Leadership Council. Although facilitated and supported by carefully screened adult volunteers, Wilco Iris is a group led primarily by high school student leaders from across the county.

Each month our student leaders meet to plan social outreach events and advocacy initiatives, discuss issues affecting their schools and community, share ideas, and support one another.
Prom 2023 (30)
Our goal is to have at least one LGBTQIA+ student representative from every public and private high school and homeschool program in Williamson County, TN. Our 2023-24 council consisted of fourteen students from eleven different schools!

Serving on the council is an enjoyable and rewarding experience, which provides students with many benefits and opportunities including:

  • representing and supporting their LGBTQIA+ peers
  • participating in social justice initiatives
  • learning to be an advocate
  • working with local school board members, superintendents, counselors, and administrators to improve the educational environment for queer students
  • making their community a more welcoming, inclusive place for oppressed populations
  • partnering with other student groups
  • meeting and connecting with students outside of their own school/neighborhood
  • representing Wilco Iris and the LGBTQIA+ teen population in the press
  • fun social outings
  • leadership experience
  • impressive addition to a college resume
  • volunteer hours
  • long-lasting, rewarding friendships